Blue WhatsApp Plus Apk Download (Official) Latest Version (v9.91) 2024


Are you tired of using typical and old-fashioned WhatsApp? Do you need an advanced version of WhatsApp that can offer you upgraded and additional features? If yes, then you must download WhatsApp Blue for Android devices and get the best user experience with the latest and beautiful version. This is the best application that has enhanced your privacy as well as provided you with a lot of additional and unique features. You will be able to enjoy premium features of WhatsApp like Anti-delete messages, DND mode, Block callers, and much more. This is an easy-to-use application with the same interface as WhatsApp. Download this amazing app today and amaze yourself with its unique features.

What is WhatsApp Blue?

WhatsApp Blue is a third-party application of WhatsApp which is providing a lot of premium and additional features that are not available in the original application. Download WhatsApp Blue and make your life more unique and easy than the original WhatsApp. There are a lot of new and special features like DND Mode, Download view once media, hide and freeze the last scene, send pictures in the highest quality, and much more.

WhatsApp Blue

This is a beautiful application like GB WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp Pro if you are addicted to using WhatsApp and interacting with your friends and family. It has enhanced security and privacy features, which are very rare. There are a lot of themes in this app that make your app screen more beautiful and unique. Download this amazing application today and enjoy all the amazing features free of cost.

App Information of WhatsApp Blue

App InformationBlueWhatsApp
App Size63 MB
System RequiredAndroid 5+
Total Downloads3.1 Millions
Offered byWhatsApp Plus
Last Update11 Seconds Ago

What is Blue WhatsApp Plus Apk?

Blue WhatsApp Plus is a more updated and advanced version of WhatsApp, which is developed on the same interface as Blue WhatsApp Messanger. You will be able to get better and improved features in this app like Auto reply, dual account feature, additional app icons, additional translator languages, more fonts, and much more. This is a free application, and you do not need to pay for anything in it. There is no requirement for any premium subscription or login account to use this app. You just have to create an account on it like the original WhatsApp application and then use all the features free of cost.

Blue WhatsApp Plus

Download this amazing application today and get the enjoyment of premium Blue Color WhatsApp on your Android devices. Now, we will explain to you the features of this wonderful app, so please stay connected and read the complete article for your understanding before downloading it.

App Information of Blue WhatsApp Plus

App InformationBlue WhatsApp Plus
App Size64 MB
System RequiredAndroid 6+
Total Downloads2.3 Millions
Offered byWhatsApp Plus
Last Update11 Seconds Ago

Unique and Amazing Features

There are a lot of unique features of this app which are discussed below. For better understanding of our beloved visitors, we have made three categories of these features so that you can understand them easily. Please read the complete features before downloading this app.

Privacy Features

  • DND Mode

    DND Mode

    This is do-not-disturb mode, which is called Airplane mode usually. In the original app, you can not use this feature. This app will provide you DND mode, which means that you can easily go offline without turning off your internet connection.

  • restrict callers

    Restrict Callers

    In the original app, you have to disable your internet connection or block a contact if you do not want to attend someone’s calls. This app will allow you to restrict him from calling you without turning off the internet or blocking that person.

  • Anti Delete messages

    Anti Delete Messages

    Recently, a feature of Delete from both sides was released by WhatsApp. The send message will be deleted in both chats of sender and receiver. This feature is controlled by the sender. Blue WhatsApp Plus Apk will make you able to get all those deleted messages in your chat. The sender will never know that you still have those messages in the conversation chat.

  • Profile Pictures

    Hide Picture from Specific Contact

    Now, you can hide your profile pictures from anyone in your contact list. Before this app, this feature was available but needed to be advanced. You were able to hide pictures from all your contacts. But now, you can hide it from any specific contact you want.

  • Last seen

    Freeze Last Seen

    Now, you can freeze your last seen, and your friends will think that you have not used WhatsApp from that date. This is a very unique and advanced feature as your WhatsApp usage will not change your last seen.

  • Status View

    Disable Status View

    You can disable the status view now with this incredible application. This option provides you a feature of a ghost who can see anything, but others can not see you and your activities. You can see the statuses of your contacts, but they will never know that you have seen their status, and your name will not be available in the status seen list.

  • typing and recording

    Hide Typing / Recording

    You can enable and disable Typing/recording indications for your contacts. They will not see your typing caution in the chat when you send them a voice note or a text message.

Customization Features

  • Themes

    Unlimited Themes

    You will get unlimited beautiful themes with this amazing application. This feature will make your WhatsApp beautiful, and you will get a new WhatsApp interface that is more beautiful and attractive. The beauty of this app is that you can get a lot of customized themes on a regular basis, and you can change them according to your choice.

  • Fonts

    Additional Fonts

    Additional fonts are available to make your chat screen more attractive. You can set them as your default font to be used in WhatsApp. Download Blue WhatsApp Plus today and enjoy all the amazing features free of cost.

  • emojis and stickers

    New Emojis and Stickers

    New amazing stickers and emojis are available in this amazing app. You can send them to your friends and family, which will make them feel that you are using a premium app.

  • Blue WhatsApp Plus

    Additional App Icons

    With the original application, you can only get one App icon, which is used. This app will allow you to set more than 80 icons as your main app icon. There are many colors and styles of these app icons, which you can choose according to your choice.

  • Translator of Blue WhatsApp Plus


    There is a built-in translator available in this app, which will enable you to contact your friends from other countries without any problem. This feature is unique because it will translate all messages automatically if they are in any other language. You can enable and disable the translator in settings.

  • Customization

    Customize Interface

    Set your favorite theme easily in this app. Change the interface and colors of that theme in settings. You can customize the interface according to your choice. Change the spacing, chat screen colors, hide/unhide contact names, and much more with this amazing app.

  • Image effects

    More Effects for Image Sharing

    Get additional effects on image sharing. Make your images more beautiful and colorful before sending them to your friends and family. Get Blue WhatsApp Download today and enjoy the best-featured app on your Android devices.

Additional Features

  • Media Sending WhatsApp Blue

    Increased Media Sending Limit

    Share the media with more size and the best duality. With the original app, you can just share the file with a size of 25 MB. But this app has increased the size up to 1024 Mbs, which made the life of users so easy. They do not need to install other data-sharing apps. This app will work for them as an all-in-one application.

  • Broadcast messages

    Broadcast Messages

    Send a message to many contacts with just one tap now. Suppose you have to wish some of your friends or you need to say something to many people. In that case, this feature is very useful for you because you do not need to select the contact again and again to share the message.

  • WhatsApp Web

    WhatsApp Web Supported

    The widely used feature of WhatsApp is WhatsApp Web, where you can use WhatsApp on your laptop or PC. This app also supports this feature, so you do not need to be worried because you can still use WhatsApp on your laptop or PC screen without any problem.

  • Forward message WhatsApp blue

    Remove Forward Message Indication

    When you forward a message to your contacts, then there is an indication of “Forwarded” in their chat. This app has disabled this indication, and you can forward as many messages as you can. Your contact will never see that this is a forwarded message.

  • Online

    Show Contacts Online Popup

    When your contact is online, you will see a popup on your screen with the name of his online activity. Furthermore, you will see a green spot on the chat, which indicates that this person is online right now. You do not need to open the chat to see whether he is online or not. This is a very unique feature that has made your life so easy, and you can keep checking on your friends easily.

  • Double ticks

    Disable Double Ticks

    You can disable double ticks as well as blue ticks with this app. After setting this feature, the other person will only see double ticks or delivery notifications if you reply to him. Otherwise, a single tick will be shown to him, which means that the message is not delivered to you.

  • View Once

    Download View Once Media

    The new feature of WhatsApp is sending a photo or video with a view once setting. This app will make you able to download that media and save it in your mobile storage. That view once media will remain in your chat for up to 15 days so that you can see it again and download it if you have not downloaded it earlier.

  • Download Status

    Download Statuses and DP

    You can download Statuses and Profile pictures of your friends without asking them to share them with you. This is a very rare feature that you will not find in any other application of the same category. Download this wonderful application today and enjoy all the premium and unique features of WhatsApp free of cost.

How to Download and Install WhatsApp Blue?

You can download and install WhatsApp Blue Plus by following the simple and easy steps given below.

  • Open the browser of your mobile and go to official website of WhatsApp Blue Apk.
  • Download the Apk file from the download button given above.
  • Minimize the browser and enable Unknown Sources in security settings.
  • Open the browser and go to downloads.
  • Tap on the downloaded Apk file and let the installation complete.
  • After completion of Installation, Create the account on it just like WhatsApp and enjoy the beautiful app.

How to Update Blue WhatsApp?

You can Update the WhatsApp Plus Blue with two easy and simple methods.

Method 1: You will get an in-app update notification of the latest update. Follow the instructions given in the app, and you will get the latest update easily.

Method 2: Visit the Official website and get the latest update and all new news about this app. Download the latest version if you have found any updates on the website and enjoy the latest changes and developments of the app free of cost.

Latest Update Change log


  • New Fonts Added
  • New Languages added
  • More emojis and stickers
  • Base updated
  • Bugs are fixed


  • Customize each chat added
  • Double Ticks customization
  • Sending media in HD feature
  • Dual Account enabled
  • Anti-ban activated

Blue WhatsApp Plus for iOS

Currently, WhatsApp Blue Apk is not available for iOS due to some unavoidable reasons. You can only install this app for Android devices. The developers of the app are working on the iOS version of this app, and according to news, the iOS version will be released in February 2024. Stay connected with us to get all new updates and news about this wonderful application.


WhatsApp is a widely used social media application that is available on almost all smart devices. There are a lot of features that are not available in this application. These features are highly demanded by the users. Many modified applications are available on the internet, which you can download from third-party websites. But we will recommend you download WhatsApp Blue, which is a safe and secure application. This app is gaining huge popularity every day due to its advanced and unique features. You will get more than 4,000 beautiful themes, which will make the appearance of your app very beautiful. DND mode, freeze last seen, download statuses, disable blue ticks and double ticks, restrict callers, and much more are available in this app. Download this featured rich, incredible application today and enjoy the features of a premium and upgraded application on Android devices free of cost.

Stay connected with our website to get the latest updates and news about this amazing application. Bookmark it for visiting in the future. Share the website with your friends and family. If you have any recommendations or suggestions, then you can comment in the comment box given below. We always prefer our visitors and provide them the best information which they can not get anywhere else. Thank you so much.


This is a third party developed application of WhatsApp with a lot of upgraded features.

Yes. This is the most safe and secure application and you can download and install it without any fear. It will never damage your mobile devices.

No. This app is currently not available on the Google Play Store.

Go to the download button given above and get the Apk file free of cost. Learn how to download and install this app from the instructions given above.

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